Day 3: Regional Dialogue on Climate Resilient Growth and Development

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New connections, common understandings and shared lessons between Asia Pacific emerged prominently on Day 3 of the Regional Dialogue on Climate Resilient Growth and Development. Here are the takeaways distilled into five key points:

  1. Build an ecosystem that promotes climate mainstreaming: Climate finance mainstreaming requires three forces to come together instruments, incentives and institutional setup. This can be achieved through a combination of regulations, laws, acts, budget papers, etc.
  2. Share and learn from the region: Countries are addressing similar vulnerabilities and identifying solutions that have the potential to be replicated. Exchange of knowledge on types of sources and schemes, grassroot-level vulnerability assessments, traditional and collective lessons is mutually beneficial.
  3. Ensure a wide spectrum of actors in ensuring accountability: Media, Civil Society, Parliamentary Committees, and high-level government committees need to be engaged more proactively to support public accountability of adaptation finance.
  4. Vulnerabilities must determine allocation and prioritisation of resources: The need is to persistently work across ministries to see re-prioritisation and reallocation into areas and sectors which are most vulnerable to climate change.
  5. Monitor impact across scales: All stakeholders are eager to measure impact, but we need new ways of monitoring impact of climate policies and programming across different scales of governance, from local to national.

Presentations and related documents for  Regional Dialogue on Climate Resilient Growth and Development can be found here.

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