ACT@COP23: Climate Finance Hackathon

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Action on Climate Today (ACT), in partnership with IIED, organised an engaging ‘hackathon’ session at Development and Climate Days at COP23. The interactive ‘hackathon’ session  engaged participants to crowdsource innovative tools and approaches for enhancing transparency and accountability for adaptation finance. The session discussed case studies from Kenya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India to distill lessons for enhancing downward accountability of international adaptation finance as well as tracking the quantity and benefits of domestic spending on adaptation

The session discussed some robust adaptation finances currently being implemented such as Kenya Country Climate Change Fund and Financing Frameworks for Resilient Growth for devolving adaptation finance at local level and tracking public expenditure, respectively. These approaches are not only effective in allocating public budgets for adaptation but are also crucial in monitoring budgetary allocation for transparency and accountability of the budgets spent on climate actions.

Some of the lessons that emerged out of the discussions are as follows:

  • Fine tuning the approaches to track the qualitative outcomes and impact of domestic adaptation budgets on vulnerable communities
  • Customising the approaches to different political contexts and local planning processes based on the existing decentralised structures in different nations
  • Institutionalisation of approaches within governments systems for long term and ongoing monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of adaptation spending
  • Linking the sub-national and national approaches to UNFCCC frameworks on transparency and accountability

More insights on South Asia’s journey towards resilience are available here. Find more about ACT’s work on Facebook, and Twitter.

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