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Navigating ebbs and flows: ACT’s approaches in climate-resilient water management (CRWM) in South Asia

Water resources and the climate are deeply intertwined. Energy trapped in the atmosphere and oceans speeds up hydrological cycles, resulting in intensified shortages and excesses of water – floods and droughts. The higher variability in overall precipitation and uncertainty affects multi-annual water storage. ACT works on addressing the impacts of climate variability in the water […]

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A race against floods: From 8 to 36 hours

“I was watching from the embankment in Nimapara in 2008. The water was rising minute by minute. There was no formal communication, no warning. At midnight, there were rumours of a breach which led to total panic. Villagers started to hoard potatoes. Shops were shut down,” said B.M. Acharya, Director, Hydrology and Water Planning, Government […]

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Mainstreaming gender in climate change adaptation planning

The adverse impacts of climate change have disproportionatquent solutions in climate change adaptation planning processes. Women are not only differently vulnerable to climate change but they are also crucial in implementing adaptation solutions and building resilience. Similar to mainstreaming climate change adaptation development activities, gender integration in climate change can be internalised through systematic integration […]

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